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MAS Screenprinting, t-shirt printing

FAQs about Artwork Specs

Here are some frequently asked questions about our artwork specifications.

Artwork Specs

  • 300dpi (dots per inch) resolution
  • Four color format (CMYK)
  • Files created in Illustrator or other vector software
  • Files sent as .EPS (version 6), .PSD, .AI, or .PDF
  • Fonts turned to outlines
  • Artwork must be original and owned – nothing used from Facebook or downloaded from Google, stock photography websites, etc.

Print Area Sizes

Use this guide as a reference for the artwork area. Keep in mind that not all shirts are exactly the same; any artwork that goes over a seam may result in less-than-perfect printing results.
To learn about the difference between raster and vector images, please visit our Printing FAQ page.


Thank you for asking! We get this question so many times, we decided to list the answers here. What makes these artwork types unacceptable file formats? That’s easy – these formats don’t embed fonts, cannot be saved as any vector-type file or hi-resolution artwork, and only work in a 3-color (RGB) format.


  • Microsoft Word (a.k.a. MS Word)
  • MS Powerpoint
  • MS Publisher
  • MS Paint
  • Any artwork you do not own outright, including artwork purchased from stock photography websites.


Our timeframe for your project turnaround is 14 business days from the time we have received approved printable artwork, shirts, and a 50% deposit. If you supply the tee-shirts, please allow an extra 2% supplied. M.A.S. Screenprinting is not responsible for client-supplied tee-shirts.