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Terms and Conditions


Please allow 7-10 business days from the time final artwork, shirt style, pricing, and deposits have been are received. Even though we strive to get orders done as soon as possible, we still ask for 7-10 business days.


We ask for a 50% deposit for shirts and other apparel we are screen printing. If we are doing signs or any other type of printing we ask for a 100% deposit. We require 100% upfront cost for any artwork update or revisions. 


We can buy shirts wholesale and save you money and time. However, if you want to supply your own shirts, please ensure that the following conditions are met.

1. We don’t take responsibility for client-supplied shirts. We work really hard not to damage any shirt. Accidents do happen and we would need to have a couple of extra shirts on hand just in case a mistake happens while the shirt is being printed. Please understand that we don’t intentionally damage any item we print.

2. Shirts must be made of high-quality Cotton, Cotton/Polyester Blend, Triblend, or polyester. If a shirt is of poor quality or paper-thin material it makes it challenging to screenprint on that shirt. We will not accept poor-quality shirts. 


Print-ready artwork is needed to avoid additional art charges. The file needs to be vectored, and it can be saved as a PDF, AI, or EPS. We currently use Adobe Illustrator CS5. If saving as an illustrator file please save it as a CS5. Please call us with any art file concerns.

*Please note that any artwork charges are due upfront.